Surf Shack

Hang ten and catch the wave of excitement with Daniels Wood Land's Surf Shack! This vibrant and immersive shooting gallery brings the laid-back vibes of the beach to your venue or event, offering a unique experience that's perfect for amusement parks, family entertainment centers, and coastal-themed parties. Guests of all ages will love testing their skills as they aim for surfboards, seagulls, and other beach-themed targets in a setting that's as fun as it is picturesque. With its eye-catching design, interactive gameplay, and top-notch safety features, the Surf Shack promises endless hours of coastal fun and excitement.
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Life's a beach dude... so let's go ride some gnarly waves of cash with your radical Surf Shack shooting gallery.

It's available in 4-8 gun configurations. You can use our established footprints or customize them to fit your space. It's perfect for installation indoors or into a self contained outdoor, free standing building. We have blueprints for outdoor buildings available upon request. ... READ MORE

The theme is based on a surfer's beach shack. All the necessities of life are there... a small couch, a few surf boards, and a place to park the heckling surfer Woodie. The Woodie tells surf themed jokes, while the hula girl dances to a ukulele tone. The bantering tikis are loads of laughs. The surf meter tells you when it's time to catch the biggest waves, and the quickshot challenge targets keep the tempo pumpin'. Between the squiring crab and spitting clam, there's no safe place to stand without a friendly squirt of water!

Like all of our shooting galleries, this one includes exclusive features and innovations such as 2 Ways to Play, Bonus Pricing Structure, Rotating Target Responses, theater quality 5.1 surround sound and many more. These exclusive features are not just sexy sounding gimmicks. They're carefully conceived and masterfully included to drive revenue to never before seen levels! All of our shooting galleries have been proven to draw in players like a moth to a headlight, captivate them, reinforce/reward them for playing, maximize revenue, and minimize maintenance!


Surfs Up!

Add an Extra Gun

Surf Culture

Add an Extra Gun

Heckling Woody

Add an Extra Gun

Available Configurations




  • 18 Targets
  • 4 Guns
  • Animated 2/3 Scale Woodie
  • Dancing Hula Girl
  • Squirting Crab and Clam
  • Bantering Tikis
  • Quickshot Challenge
  • Rotating Target Responses
  • Bonus Pricing Structure
  • 2 Ways to Play
  • 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Dollar Bill Acceptors
  • Limited Warranty
  • Authentic Guns
  • Customizable


10'W x 17' D x 12' H


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Available Options
  • Squirting Frog
  • Ticket Dispensing
  • Coin Mechanisms
  • Token Acceptance
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Spare Parts Package
  • Service Tool Kit
  • Extra Gun Position
  • Prize Wheel
  • Credit Card Readers
  • ADA Gun Station

Upgrade your gallery

Extra Gun Position

Add an Extra Gun
Adding an extra gun position is a cost effective way to add extra potential revenue to your shooting gallery. May add extra width to your gallery.

Prize Wheel

Add a Prize Wheel
A prize wheel can be used to award prizes, tickets, free games and more.

Credit Card Acceptor

Add a Credit Swiper
Adding 1 or more credit card readers is a great way to offer your guests another way to give you money!

Elevate your location with the sun-kissed charm and exhilarating action of Daniels Wood Land's Surf Shack, and create memories that'll have your guests hanging loose and coming back for more!

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