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Tree Houses

  • How tall is a tree house? Toggle
    About 15' tall.
  • How big is the log? Toggle
    Each log is different, but they are typically 4' in diameter and 6' tall.
  • How big is it inside? Toggle
    The standard clubhouse floor measures 4'x5' and the oversized clubhouse floor measures 5'x6'. But we can always go bigger! The height at the peak of the ceiling is about 6'; an adult can stand straight up inside with room to spare. Whether you have 1-2 kids or 5-6 kids or even more, we have a design that will accommodate your needs.
  • How much does it weigh? Toggle
    Clubhouses weigh anywhere from 1,100-1,600 lbs. Most logs weigh about 2,500-3,500 lbs. Some normal size logs can weigh as much as 7,000 lbs. The heaviest log we ever brought in weighed 26,000 lbs!
  • How long does it take for my order to arrive? Toggle
    Typically from 6-8 weeks.
  • Can I make custom requests? Toggle
    Absolutely! Many of our standard options actually came from special requests.
  • What age group do you recommend for your tree houses? Toggle
    We recommend all ages! Kids or no kids, they make incredible additions to any landscape!
  • What kind of trees do you use? Toggle
    We primarily use oak, pine and eucalyptus trees. Each kind works equally well.
  • Where do you find trees that big? Toggle
    We find them all over the Central Coast of California. Since we only use dead or dying trees it makes the search harder, but we have developed several ways to locate them.
  • Are you allowed to cut down trees that big? Toggle
    We only use recycled logs! Any log we receive must be dead or dying before we'll accept it. The only other situation in which we acquire a log is when its alternative fate would either be a trip to a local landfill or firewood cutter.
  • If I buy a tree house and later sell my home, will you help me move it? Toggle
    We recommend that you sell your tree house with your home (after all, it will add value to your property) and order a new one from us!
  • How many kids can fit inside? Toggle
    For a base model tree house, 3 kids fit OK; the 4th one will make things a little crowded. There are several ways to accommodate larger crowds though.
  • What does it look like inside of the clubhouse? Toggle
    They typically look something like this but feel free to call us about painting or theming out the interior to make it your own!
  • I live on the other side of the country or out of the country. Can you still ship the tree house to me? Toggle
    Absolutely. We can ship worldwide. If shipped within the US, shipping rates vary from $1000-$6500 in most cases. We can ship to most overseas ports for $3500-$5500.
  • Can a Tree House Package come with electricity? Toggle
    Yes. But why stop there when we can hook you up for cable and Internet?

Shooting Galleries

  • Can you customize the sizes of your shooting galleries? Toggle
    Yes. When it comes to fun and exciting sizes and shapes for shooting galleries, the possibilities are endless. If you have a custom space, let us show you some wonderful options.
  • Can you create custom themes and characters? Toggle
    Yes. We are a full service theming company with over 40 employees- including carpenters, artists, engineers, and welders. We have an unrivaled level of passion, creativity, talent, and work ethic to help develop your idea from a concept to a revenue producing reality!
  • How difficult is it to service and repair a shooting gallery? Toggle
    Our shooting galleries are elaborate money making machines. That can sound scary, but you will quickly find the mechanics are service friendly and the electronics are elegantly organized. Every animatronic shooting gallery comes with a detailed owners manual and comprehensive troubleshooting guide. We provide thorough orientation and training so that all issues will be easily diagnosed and remedied. A standard tool kit will include a volt meter, pair of pliers, a couple screwdrivers and a small socket set. If you are comfortable using these tools, you are more than qualified to care for one of our shooting galleries.
  • How much does it cost to operate a shooting gallery? Toggle
    A shooting gallery is a wonderful way to earn PASSIVE REVENUE! The typical costs to maintain and operate a shooting gallery are less than 5% of the revenue it earns.
  • What is the ROI timeframe for a typical shooting gallery? Toggle
    There are many factors that can affect shooting gallery revenue. The same shooting gallery can earn at entirely different levels in 2 different places, even if there are the same number of guests at each place. With that said, we see typical operators earn a full ROI usually in 10-16 months. We own several of our own shooting galleries on location and have experienced this level of income first hand.
  • How well are your shooting galleries built? Toggle
    We use industrial grade pneumatic components designed to operate for millions of duty cycles. Our master certified welders use high grade steel and grade 5-8 hardware. Pivot joints are reinforced with carefully chosen components like brass bushings, pillow bearings, and precision machined parts to provide decades of worry free service. We encourage all of our potential clients to visit one of our shooting galleries and proudly show the quality of fabrication. Most clients that take a detailed look at how we build our animatronics are thoroughly impressed and often surprised we don't charge significantly higher prices.
  • What is the ideal location to operate a shooting gallery? Toggle
    If you have a location with families on vacation or out having a good time, you probably have a wonderful shooting gallery location. Shooting galleries succeed in a variety of locations including amusement parks, family entertainment centers, restaurants, sporting goods stores, retail venues, movie theaters, shopping malls, boardwalks, pumpkin farms, stand-alone businesses, tourist traps and more.
  • What is included in the price? Toggle
    The price includes the shooting gallery itself. It does not include an air compressor, shipping, travel costs, and installation labor for the installation crew, and site preparation. Call for a free, turnkey, installed price.
  • Do you provide phone support? Toggle
    Yes. We provide phone support during working hours, and email support 7 days a week. Our philosophy is teach you all we can as quickly as we can in order to empower you to confidently operate your shooting gallery and earn as much money as you can as fast as you can!
  • Can we customize the price to play? Toggle
    Yes. By offering a bonus pricing structure, you give your guests a good reason to play multiple games. That means you make more money! You can select from any number of price plans in order to maximize your revenue. Some examples of a bonus pricing structure include 1 game for $2, 3 games for $5, 7 games for $10, or 1 game for $1, 3 games for $2, or 1 game for $3, 2 games for $5. We recommend you consider the clientele you have, and the shooting gallery you purchased when choosing your price plan, then try a few different combinations to see what does the best!
  • Do your shooting galleries out earn and outperform the competitions’? Toggle
    Yes. Hands down! All of our shooting galleries are carefully designed to attract the most number of players, give them a clear invitation to purchase multiple games at higher prices, and then give them great reasons to do it! One of our customers proudly exclaimed, "We replaced our Pan Amusements shooting gallery with a Daniels Wood Land shooting gallery of the same size with fewer guns. Aside from the amazing theming, and heavily entertained guests, the new shooting gallery earns 5 times the revenue!" At first this may be hard to believe, but here's how we did it: We realized years ago that an active player is a valuable asset, and the huge potential revenue from multiple plays is totally overlooked by our competitors. We learned that typical players purchase repeat plays approximately 5% of the time on our competitors' shooting galleries. We knew we could do a lot better! That's why our shooting galleries have carefully conceived and implemented features that include a bonus pricing structure, 2 ways to play, several different types of guns, rotating target responses, heckling characters, quickshot challenge targets, synchronized competitive play, and more. As a result, we see as much as 80% of players purchase repeat plays on our shooting galleries. These same features also attract more players and cause players to perceive a higher value to play. So instead of the typical $0.50-$1.00 per game price to play our competitors' shooting galleries, you can charge $2-$5 per game! So if we put all of these facts together, it becomes easy to see how our shooting galleries attract more players, command a much higher price to play, and convince players to purchase more repeat plays. Game, set, match.
  • Can we add to our shooting gallery in the future? Toggle
    Absolutely. Our shooting gallery electronics are modular in design... So if you can click in a cable, you can expand your gallery.
  • Can I customize my gallery target responses? Toggle
    Absolutely. The central computer is a powerful show control console. You can add new target responses and heckler jokes to your heart's content!
  • What is the life span of a shooting gallery? Toggle
    With proper maintenance and care, a shooting gallery can remain in service for 20 years or more.
  • Can you design a shooting gallery to fit my budget? Toggle
    We are happy to value engineer a shooting gallery that fits your space and your budget. Give us a call to discuss the possibilities.
  • Can a shooting gallery be a stand-alone business? Toggle
    Yes. Many of our customers lease space in high foot traffic areas where there are families on vacation or out having a good time, and install a dedicated shooting gallery as their sole source of income to support the business. They typically offer a flat fee for rent, or propose to pay 20-25% of the revenue as rent. Give us a call and let's discuss what you have in mind. We will be happy to share our experiences with you.
  • How long does it usually take for my shooting gallery to arrive? Toggle
    It typically takes between 8-12 weeks, depending on how many orders we have in the queue. If you want a late Spring or early Summer delivery, we strongly recommend placing your order in the preceding December or January!
  • Have you ever operated your own shooting galleries? Toggle
    Yes! We are our own customers. We have firsthand knowledge and experience operating our own shooting galleries, and we love doing it! We are passionate about shooting galleries because we love entertaining guests and earning passive revenue while doing it! We know what it means to be an operator, and we’re here to advise and support you all the way!