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Twin brothers head up the Daniels Wood Land team which formed in 1997 on California's central coast. What began as a small tree house creation has grown into a full service theming company with over 40 employees.

The Daniels Wood Land Shop

We have made significant investments in equipment/machinery which enables our highly-skilled fabrication teams to ensure every detail is accurate to all plans and specifications. Our fully-equipped 12,000 square foot facility includes a design studio, full woodworking area, metal fabrication space, foam sculpting machines, and a ventilated spray booth.

Daniels Wood Land Owners Ron, John and Customers

We've successfully worked with some of the biggest entertainment companies in the world. Our impressive list of clients include The Walt Disney Company, Merlin Entertainments, Universal, Sony Pictures, Fox Home Entertainment, Electronic Arts, New Line Cinema, Warner Home Video, and ABC.



Ron grew up with John and their older brother on a ranch. They were a real life Tom Sawyer-like bunch of country boys. After the chores were done they were always up to something creative, and ohhh the forts they built! Ron headed off to college in the early 1990’s and finished his Master’s degree in Mathematics in 1999. From there he went full time into the tree house business with John. Wanting to broaden the business, Ron combined his electronics passion with John’s creativity and developed the shooting gallery division of the company. Today he’s the President of DWL and coordinates the general business matters while still focusing on having fun with shooting galleries.



You can trace the beginning of DWL all the way back to when John was in grade school, drawing pictures instead of listening to his teacher. During high school John started carving small faces and made a little money selling them. A short time later he tried carving with a chainsaw and realized he was a natural right from the beginning. And he’s been carving ever since. In 1997, John decided to build a clubhouse set atop a real hollowed log, took it to a home & garden show, and sold dozens of them. The rest is history!