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Daniels Wood Land is proud to present our Original Tree House! With a 6' tall tree stump, and a sturdy clubhouse, this is the ultimate is quality and fun. We add in a hand crafted entry door and porch, a side swing, log window and rust package to create the ultimate play experience for children and adults alike. We know you like to play on these.
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Our original whimsical design for a custom clubhouse. The Tree House that comes with it's own Tree! This one features deluxe orange paint, rust package and custom signs.
This is a wonderful example of our original tree house. The club house has been painted with rustic red, log swing, sign bear carving, and the rust package.
Take a look at our whimical entrance into the tree house including lamps from our rust package.

-Approx. 4' dia. log
-6 crooked windows
-Log door
-Log Window
-Ladder in hollow log
-Clubhouse Trap Door
-Roofed mini-porch on log
-Rust Accent Package

-9'W x 8'6"'D x 15'2"H

This is a site plan for The Original Tree House
Recommended Upgrades - GO DELUXE
The larger log allows for a larger clubhouse, more room in the entry, and an overall great look.
Oversized Log Upgrade
Increase the play room with the oversized clubhouse. The floor space is increased to 5'x6' for hours of more playtime. Add the oversized log for truly supersized fun!
Oversized Clubhouse Upgrade
The roof dormer is the window structure you see built onto the roof of the clubhouse. It makes the roof line more elaborate and crooked, and also provides a window opening in the ceiling of the clubhouse. The roof dormer can be added to one or both sides of the roof.
Roof Dormer
Click here to see the Deluxe version of The Original
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(All Upgrades)
Prices Subject To Change Without Notice
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