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Ordering Process

Step 1: Before you call...
A) Take into consideration the area where you would like the tree house. Will the space be easily accessible by a forklift carrying a tree house? (If your space is not forklift accessible, then a crane may be needed for installation. Call to discuss this further).

B) How many children will be playing on or in the tree house? Are there enough activities (such as a slide or swing) on the tree house you're considering to accommodate the number of children that will normally play on it?

C) What other costs are involved? Extra expenses include: forklift rental, handyman/installer, concrete and final landscaping. We can help estimate these costs after asking you a few questions.
Step 2: Place your Order
Our friendly DWL representatives will help you configure either a standard or custom design that suits your needs and budget. We’ll also discuss shipping, installation details to be aware of, provide an initial site plan.

Call Us at 1-800-441-3468
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Step 3: Prepare Your Site
Site preparation includes pouring a small concrete slab as well as locating and reserving a forklift for the day of the delivery and install.
Step 4: Receive your tree house!
There’s nothing quite like having a Daniels Wood Land tree house in your back yard! Our tree houses are MUCH more than just play structures; they’re memory makers as well as individual custom works of art. Once you have one, you’ll see why kids and adults alike can’t stop talking about our famous tree houses that come with their own tree! Don’t forget adults, it may be tough, but you’ll have to share your tree house with the kids too!
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