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Shooting Gallery

San Diego, CA

- 5‘ x 6‘ Oversized Clubhouse
- Oversized Log
- Rear Balcony
- Climbing Net
- Fireman‘s Pole
- Tire Swing
- Swing
- Turbo Spiral Slide
- Log Window
- Bear Head Posts
- 3 Redwood Bear Carvings
- Crate Stack Carving
Join our mascots Sam and Bubba along with a few friends on a whimsical tree house building party! These guys are working overtime trying to get this ultimate tree house ready before all of their buddies show up! Sam is rearin' back and swinging the big mallet while Bubba's wincin' and holding the nail and hoping not to get hit (again)! Chip is holding up the swing waiting for his ole' pal Chuck as he's diggin' in the barrel for some more nails. All the while the whole shootin' match is teetering on an old stack of crates and barrels.
This crooked tree house features several custom carvings.
A whimsical treehouse like this wouldn't be the same without some playground equipment.
Creative wood carvings like these make for a fun playhouse.
Custom tree houses are especially unique with some carvings.
Tilted playhouses look great with slides.
Bent over backwards, this custom wood carving of a bear is building a kid's playhouse.
This unique bear carving is hanging on for dear life, insuring an exciting custom playhouse.
Another shot of the builder bear working on the whimsical playhouse.
This bear carving is also helping to build the most crooked tree house possible.
Isn't it wonderful how these wooden bear carvings work together to build the most rustic fort you've ever seen?
Whimsical tree houses create amazing landscapes.
Inventive ideas like these keep our play forts unique.
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