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This page is about the people who work for Daniels Wood Land such as the Custom Crew, Tree House Crew, Foam Crew, Paint Crew, Office Crew, The Log Guys, Animatronic Dudes, and the Concept and Design Team

Custom  Crew

Our custom crew, here at Daniels Wood Land, is a group of skilled craftsmen that can build just about anything. Together, they have produced immaculate pirate ships, huge log forts and several swampy bait shacks. They really do have a one-of-a-kind job… who else do you know can say that they build pirate ships for a living? 
Haunted Hideout Video

Tree House Crew

Even though their jobs aren’t as glamorous as the custom crew’s the standard production tree house builders are the backbone of the company. At any given time, one can walk through the shop and see what looks like a bunch of Santa’s Helpers, working diligently and expertly on our Daniels Wood Land tree houses.

Foam Crew

A new addition to the Daniels Wood Land gang is the Foam Department. Using our 3-D computer technology and foam carving machines, they are able to produce some unique ornamental decorations, sculptures and caricatures.  Most of the time, the foam crew looks like they’ve been playing in snow, as the foam gets everywhere!
Laser Tag Video

Paint Crew

While everything we do here is considered a work of art, it’s really the painters that bring our creations to life. Our team of artisan painters puts the snarling faces and colorful garb on our pirates, creates amazing backdrops for our facades and adds the ornamental touches on all our pirate ships. Daniels Wood Land relies on their individual ingenuity and artistic aptitude to place the finishing touches on each and every one of our projects.

Office Crew 

Keeping it all together is the knowledgeable and friendly office staff; this is where it all starts. Beginning with the initial phone call placed to our office by clients, these dedicated folks spend time with our customers to assist with the entire tree house ordering process. Not only do the office folks work directly with our customers, but also with the design team, and the custom crew to ensure that each and every order is processed and then shipped out in a timely manner. They can answer just about any question that might come up, so don’t hesitate to give them a call.

The Log Guys

Perhaps the most physically challenging job at Daniels Wood Land is the task of finding, getting and hollowing out the massive logs we use for our tree houses. As we are unable to go down to our local lumber store to stock up on large logs, we are faced with the task of reaching out to the community in search of usable fallen trees. As a naturally limited resource, the task of locating logs is not an easy one. However, once we’ve got them into our yard, we’ve got some wily young guys who are experts at wielding a seven-foot chainsaw in order to core, level and prepare each and every log for a tree house.

If you would like to sell us a large tree or stump on your property, in or around San Luis Obispo County, please contact us to see if you're qualified at (805) 239-2832.

Redwoods Video

Animatronic Dudes

A long time goal of the owners of Daniels Wood Land has finally come to realization with our newly developed animatronics department. Our animatronics brainiacs can make just about anything move! Luckily, we’ve got a group of super-geniuses that have made heckling foxes, banjo-playing alligators and interactive pirate skeletons. So far, our animatronics characters are being used for our shooting galleries, but our clever animatronics brainiacs can place them just about anywhere!
Real Fake Fire Video

Concept and Design Team 

What an incredibly talented bunch of people we have on our design team! Headed up by Art Director, Daniel Hennessey, the design team creates those projects our custom crew works so hard on. The team consists of extraordinary artists, an architect/engineer, and many talented techies. After a conversation with the client the team goes to work on sketching and rendering the design. Once approved, the plans are sent downstairs to the custom crew for construction. The satisfaction of seeing their creations come to fruition is a remarkable part of the design experience.
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